Programming Languages for cybersecurity specialists

Cybersecurity is a critical part of organizations. No One wants to lose their data and always tries to protect them. A career in cybersecurity is bright because cyber needs security extremely and it is fulfilled by cybersecurity specialists. There are a lot of programming languages out there but we have discussed the top programming languages for cybersecurity skills. In this blog, you’ll get familiar with an essential programming language for cybersecurity that helps you to become a cybersecurity specialist.

1. Python

Python for cybersecurity specialist

Python is one of the favorite languages of a programmer. Every beginner loves to learn python because of its simplicity and human readability. Nowadays, python is used everywhere from daily automation tasks to Advance AI projects. Machine Learning and deep learning are the best examples of data science techniques that are the core of Cybersecurity. All these technologies are highly programmed by python. Hence, Python is the first language you should learn for Cybersecurity specialists.

2. Javascript

Javascript for cybersecurity specialist

JavaScript is known as the core of web applications. It is a high-level interpreted programming language that is now one of the most popular amongst programmers, especially web developers. Javascript control full site functionality, activities, tracking, and much more. When hackers hacked a website then they work with JavaScript to take full control of the website. Hence, building strong skills in Javascript is one of the prime skills for cybersecurity specialists.

Some of JavaScript security

Cross-site scripting (XSS)

Cross-site scripting is one of the most common JavaScript security vulnerabilities. XSS vulnerabilities enable attackers to manipulate websites to return malicious scripts to visitors. These malicious scripts then execute on the client side in a manner assumed by the attacker. XSS vulnerabilities can exist when browser or application authors fail to implement the same origin policy and can be prevented by following correct development techniques.

Cross-site request forgery ( CSRF )

Cross-Site Request Forgery vulnerabilities allow assaulters to manipulate victims’ browsers to take unintended actions on other sites. This is possible when target sites authenticate requests solely using cookies and attackers can send requests carrying users’ cookies. This JavaScript security issue can lead to account tampering, data theft, fraud, and more.


It is an open-source programming language created in 1990. More than 80% of websites on the Internet including Facebook and Yahoo are built with PHP. PHP is considered a relatively easy language to learn for beginning developers. The top first website builder “WordPress” which powers almost 30% of websites on the internet is fully built with PHP. Hence, learning PHP is a good skill for Cybersecurity as well as Web development. WordPress helps you build a secure website and also allows you maximum security control. you can build your blog, portfolio, and business website from WordPress.


SQL is a programming language that is known as a database language. It is used by many IT specialists because the virtual world continued with data. This data is stored in the database and controlled or functioning by a Structured Query Language called SQL. SQL allows users to access records or data in batches with just one single command. Thus, by using SQL queries, the user will not have to determine how the data should be retrieved. Therefore, Like every programmer, cybersecurity specialist still needs SQL skills.

C or C++

The C programming language is the core of most operating systems. It is a lean, flexible, and efficient language that can be used to complete a wide range of tasks such as cryptography, image processing, and socket networking. C++ is the pro version of C. Ones who are familiar with C can learn C++ easier. Some popular security programs programmed by c plus are Nmap, Bjarni, Stroustrup,


If you want to be a cybersecurity professional then must have programming skills. The top 5 programming languages mentioned in this blog are widely used by cybersecurity specialists while some are essential like SQL & HTML. Remember solid foundation delivers strong outputs. Hence, learning and practicing this programming language gives you a big privilege in the world of cybersecurity.

The list of some top learning platforms that help you build good programming skills. Let’s Check out your favorite courses from the given learning platform below.

  1. Coursera
  2. Edx
  3. DataCamp

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